Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Oy.Ve. I feel like the apocalypse is looming. You see, our house is officially on the market, and in one week, we're supposed to be ready for a professional photographer to come into our home and take beautiful pictures! My to-do list is relentless, but before I get started with it and work into the late hours of the night, I just can't wait any longer to tell you about my new blog and why in the world I started it.

A few months ago, a friend of mine gave me an AVON catalog, and strangely enough, it was just the sort of simple pleasure that, along with a cup of coffee, made me relax and smile. Then my daughter, Maggie, crawled into my lap and started looking at the pictures with me, and it turned into bonding time. I made my first order--a tube of Extra Lasting Lipstick. I needed a new red, because Maggie had decided to practice body art on herself with the last tube. The color was "Eternal Flame," and it was beautiful on me. Also, the product was everything it promised to be as an 8 hour lipstick. I stayed fresh through two cups of coffee, two meals, and hubby kisses. I was pleased.

I had to fight my daughter for the next catalog, and pretty soon, I knew that I wanted to write about some of these products as I observed and tried them. We are expecting our third baby, and I was worried about getting Christmas shopping done before the November 28th due date, but not now. Most of my shopping can happen right here on my couch! What a relief!

Well, I need to start on my lengthy to do list, but before I sign off, I want to let everybody know about the 4rth of July sale that is happening TODAY (June 30th until midnight). If you order just $10 worth of anything and insert the coupon code FIREWORKS with your order, you get free shipping. The website link for my friend and consultant, Tammy Johnston is at the top of the page. Just grab your slippers (like me), click, and browse. Many items are also 55% off today.

Happy shopping everyone, and after a few of my to-do's are done, I can't wait to tell you about my birthday hat and sun glasses!

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  1. What a nice friend you are to help Tammy!