Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ten Days to Tell 'Ya: Day Two

I harbor a deep loathing for cotton balls. I did not realize how deep that loathing was, until I found myself in a desperate make-up situation. Now, those closest to me find it ironic that I would invest in a blog of this nature, because I am not a froo-froo girl. Until my late 20's, I never used anything special on my face, and I have frequently thanked God for curly hair because goodness knows, I don't have the patience for a curling iron. I hate buying make-up because it has always seemed a ridiculous expense, and I really tried not to have to replace or refill anything more than once a year. Sad, I know.

Well, around my birthday, the situation became dire—dire enough that I asked for money to buy make-up for my birthday. I was really down to the bare minimum. In fact, what I was using were the Merle Norman samples that my grandmother had kindly passed on from a friend of hers who sold that product. In order to apply these samples, I had to dab the make-up out of the containers with cotton balls. It went on like clown paint and required much rubbing and blending. I suppose that's all fine and good if you have time for such things, but my morning beauty routine is frought with interruptions and small catastrophes, and I need to get in and out of the bathroom like Superman going through his phone booth. One morning I got interrupted, and ended up in the car with only one side of my face blended. Fortunately, as I was backing out of the driveway, I caught a preliminary glance of my Bozo-the-clown self in the rearview, and didn't actually make it out into public. Phew!

Consequently, I was excited to order AVON's Smooth Minerals Blush and Foundation, as well as their new Bronzer, which comes in compact form. The only thing that made me nervous upon ordering, was my own propensity to clumsiness. I was worried I would spill this powdery stuff all over, but I am pleased to report that because the containers are conveniently shaped to fit in the palm of your hand, I have used the make-up for a month now, and not dropped it once.

The make-up is applied with AVON's All Over Kabuki Face Brushes (available in short and long handles). These brushes are SO SOFT!!! Using them is like getting a little face message every morning. Good-bye cotton balls!

And here's what you're really wanting to know, right? Does it look good? Absolutely! I'd never used a powdered foundation before, but I quickly liked it just as well as liquid—especially for the hot summer months. The coverage I got was just as good as a liquid make-up. The bronzer is beautifully subtle at the temples, and the blush (I tried plum) is a great shade that goes on neat and needs only slight blending. I've even used the same color as an eyeshadown now, and have been pleased with its versatility! In the current catalog, you can get the Smooth Minerals Foundation for $7.99 (down from $12) and the blush for $5.99 (down from $10). No time like the present!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ten Days to Tell 'Ya: Day One

Well, I sincerely hope that you're staying cool, and that your power bills are not eating you out of house and home. I always dread the summer months in that way. No matter how moderate you try to keep the dial on the air conditioner, it seems like the bill comes, and you find yourself standing on the boiling pavement next to your mail box muttering, “Hmmm. AC or TP? AC or TP?!” Maybe you're lucky and at least wearing a pair of Avon's glam summer sandals while sweating and muttering; but nevertheless, if you're at all like me, you're feeling miffed that the impending bill is definitely above the budgeted amount.

For that reason, I've highlighted some of the great savings available in AVON's current catalog (Campeign 17) in the Sarah's Sizzling Sales list over in the right margin. I've seen quite a few catalogs since May, and these are some of the best prices I have seen the entire summer. Not only that, I've limited these items to products I have actually tried and really LIKED. For the next ten days, I want to tell you about this great stuff, while YOU still have an opportunity to order it for yourself!

Intense Glazewear Lipgloss is #1 on my Sizzling Summer Sales list. First of all, I have not seen this product priced as low as $2.49 all summer long, so I will definitely be scraping together my pennies for one more tube of this glazewear gold! I've always been a lipstick versus lipgloss wearer, but after I ordered a tiny travel tube for my daughter (who always wants to be like mommy and have her “wips” done in the morning), I decided to try the “Crimson.”

My lipgloss has become an indespensible back-up. After a short stay in my make-up cabinet, I liked it so much, it moved into my purse and now enjoys almost daily “emergency” use. The texture is soft and moist (not sticky) and the flavor is a very mild berry—almost tasteless really. The color quality is as good as lipstick, though of course, more glossy. So go ahead, treat yourself, and get a little gloss for your pocketbook. You won't get a better deal all summer!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the Magic Mirror says, "Wow!"

My daughter doesn't sleep past six thirty. Ever. Saturday is no exception. Though she cannot yet open her bedroom door independently, she will get up and knock on the door until someone shows up to release her from her tower. Yes, the same princess with whom I currently view so many Disney movies while bonding over fingernail polish, seems determined to drive me into a permanent state of “haggard” through sleep deprivation.

After a recent viewing of Snow White, my dream-self had a somewhat surreal encounter with the Magic Mirror. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?” To which the mirror quipped, “Are you messing with me? Go back to bed.” Cheeky. Very cheeky.

Needless to say, with mouthy mirrors haunting my dreams, when Tammy mentioned a $25 deal on Regenerist ANEW, I was more open minded than usual to a new skin regimen. The box included a month's trial of facial cleanser, eye moisturizer, day cream and night cream. I've never been overly optimistic about beauty products; but hey, since I do claim to believe in miracles, fairy tales, and the healing powers of peanut butter, I figured it would be hypocritical not to try.

And here's the honest truth. When I started using the stuff in early June, I was only at the beginning of the project train. People asked me if I was doing all right. They said I looked tired. By early July, even though I was more tired and bombarded with to-do's than ever, folks were making comments like, “You're looking so well!” and “You're just glowing!” In my dreams, even the cheeky mirror had reformed itself:

Tired queen I must say “wow!”
Your skin looks great
I must know how!”

And so I told the mirror my tale. Not only did it believe me, I think it even made an order. I'll have to ask Tammy. In any case, the true selling point for me, was the fact that my husband loved the smell of both the cleanser and the creams. In my book, his opinion out-rates any magic mirror!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Introducing Frugal Fridays!

Well, the house is finally, FINALLY in beautiful shape and on the market. Miraculously, the photographers photos did not include pictures of my husband passed out over the finished tub enclosure or myself asleep on top of the newly painted kitchen cabinets. In my daughter's words to her grandmother, “My house is FIXED! It is pretty and TEAN! (clean)”

Now after all these wonderful home improvements (that the next owner will get to enjoy), ask me if I have any money left . . . Yes, my July AVON order will likely be sadly impeded by lack of funds; however, not impeded entirely due to some great deals in Campaign 17. I have noted some of my favorites in “Tammy's Top Ten” to the right. Two products that I have ordered myself, and that I am especially impressed with are the Glazewear Lip Gloss and the Skin So Soft Facial Hair Remover. Not only are these products outstanding, but they beat out even Walmart prices for quality. And believe me, if I can find a way to stay out of Walmart, I'm going to do it!

Campaign 17 was also full of Buy One Get One deals, so be sure to check out Tammy's link above to view the full color add. Excuse me now, while I go to place my Buy 1 Get 1 order for Advanced Techniques Volumizing Spray Gel and Conditioner—both everyday products that I'll be needing anyway, and one less reason to go to Walmart!