Friday, July 29, 2011

Ten Days to Tell 'Ya: Day One

Well, I sincerely hope that you're staying cool, and that your power bills are not eating you out of house and home. I always dread the summer months in that way. No matter how moderate you try to keep the dial on the air conditioner, it seems like the bill comes, and you find yourself standing on the boiling pavement next to your mail box muttering, “Hmmm. AC or TP? AC or TP?!” Maybe you're lucky and at least wearing a pair of Avon's glam summer sandals while sweating and muttering; but nevertheless, if you're at all like me, you're feeling miffed that the impending bill is definitely above the budgeted amount.

For that reason, I've highlighted some of the great savings available in AVON's current catalog (Campeign 17) in the Sarah's Sizzling Sales list over in the right margin. I've seen quite a few catalogs since May, and these are some of the best prices I have seen the entire summer. Not only that, I've limited these items to products I have actually tried and really LIKED. For the next ten days, I want to tell you about this great stuff, while YOU still have an opportunity to order it for yourself!

Intense Glazewear Lipgloss is #1 on my Sizzling Summer Sales list. First of all, I have not seen this product priced as low as $2.49 all summer long, so I will definitely be scraping together my pennies for one more tube of this glazewear gold! I've always been a lipstick versus lipgloss wearer, but after I ordered a tiny travel tube for my daughter (who always wants to be like mommy and have her “wips” done in the morning), I decided to try the “Crimson.”

My lipgloss has become an indespensible back-up. After a short stay in my make-up cabinet, I liked it so much, it moved into my purse and now enjoys almost daily “emergency” use. The texture is soft and moist (not sticky) and the flavor is a very mild berry—almost tasteless really. The color quality is as good as lipstick, though of course, more glossy. So go ahead, treat yourself, and get a little gloss for your pocketbook. You won't get a better deal all summer!

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