Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the Magic Mirror says, "Wow!"

My daughter doesn't sleep past six thirty. Ever. Saturday is no exception. Though she cannot yet open her bedroom door independently, she will get up and knock on the door until someone shows up to release her from her tower. Yes, the same princess with whom I currently view so many Disney movies while bonding over fingernail polish, seems determined to drive me into a permanent state of “haggard” through sleep deprivation.

After a recent viewing of Snow White, my dream-self had a somewhat surreal encounter with the Magic Mirror. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?” To which the mirror quipped, “Are you messing with me? Go back to bed.” Cheeky. Very cheeky.

Needless to say, with mouthy mirrors haunting my dreams, when Tammy mentioned a $25 deal on Regenerist ANEW, I was more open minded than usual to a new skin regimen. The box included a month's trial of facial cleanser, eye moisturizer, day cream and night cream. I've never been overly optimistic about beauty products; but hey, since I do claim to believe in miracles, fairy tales, and the healing powers of peanut butter, I figured it would be hypocritical not to try.

And here's the honest truth. When I started using the stuff in early June, I was only at the beginning of the project train. People asked me if I was doing all right. They said I looked tired. By early July, even though I was more tired and bombarded with to-do's than ever, folks were making comments like, “You're looking so well!” and “You're just glowing!” In my dreams, even the cheeky mirror had reformed itself:

Tired queen I must say “wow!”
Your skin looks great
I must know how!”

And so I told the mirror my tale. Not only did it believe me, I think it even made an order. I'll have to ask Tammy. In any case, the true selling point for me, was the fact that my husband loved the smell of both the cleanser and the creams. In my book, his opinion out-rates any magic mirror!

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