Friday, July 15, 2011

Introducing Frugal Fridays!

Well, the house is finally, FINALLY in beautiful shape and on the market. Miraculously, the photographers photos did not include pictures of my husband passed out over the finished tub enclosure or myself asleep on top of the newly painted kitchen cabinets. In my daughter's words to her grandmother, “My house is FIXED! It is pretty and TEAN! (clean)”

Now after all these wonderful home improvements (that the next owner will get to enjoy), ask me if I have any money left . . . Yes, my July AVON order will likely be sadly impeded by lack of funds; however, not impeded entirely due to some great deals in Campaign 17. I have noted some of my favorites in “Tammy's Top Ten” to the right. Two products that I have ordered myself, and that I am especially impressed with are the Glazewear Lip Gloss and the Skin So Soft Facial Hair Remover. Not only are these products outstanding, but they beat out even Walmart prices for quality. And believe me, if I can find a way to stay out of Walmart, I'm going to do it!

Campaign 17 was also full of Buy One Get One deals, so be sure to check out Tammy's link above to view the full color add. Excuse me now, while I go to place my Buy 1 Get 1 order for Advanced Techniques Volumizing Spray Gel and Conditioner—both everyday products that I'll be needing anyway, and one less reason to go to Walmart!

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